iReader Privacy Policy

Welcome to the IReader Privacy Policy

When you use IReader applications and services, it means that you trust the ways how we process your information. This Privacy Policy is to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect them and how the information will be used. It is essential to get to know our practices, so we hope you will take the time to read this policy.

About our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains the following aspects:

  • What information we collect, and why we collect them.
  • How the information will be used.

Information We Collect

To provide better services to all users, we may collect information from you for lawful purposes, including some basic information that can be inferred (such as the language you use), as well as some more complex information (such as your reading preference).

How we collect the information:

  • The information you provide to us. For instance, to download our books or use social services, you will be required to sign up an iReader account. When you register, we will ask you to provide some basic information, such as your phone number or the social accounts you authorize us to link to (such as Google+ account, Facebook account, etc.). These information will be stored under your account, and we offer the settings of linking to these social accounts in iReader.
  • The information obtained during your use of our services. We will collect the information about the services you use and the way you use them, such as whether you browse the online bookstore, and which genre of books you spend more time reading. These information include:
    • Device Information. We may collect the device information (such as your hardware model, unique device identifier and mobile network information).
    • Positional Information. When you use iReader, we may collect and process the information about your actual location. We will use various techniques to locate, including IP addresses and GPS.
    • Reading Information. When you use iReader, we will collect your reading information (such as your notes, browsing history and book preview history, etc.).

How We Use the Collected Information

We will use the information gathered from all services to provide, maintain, protect and improve those services, simultaneously developing new services and maintaining information security. We will also use this kind of information to provide you with customized content, such as book genres with higher correlation.

We will use the collected device information to match an initial iReader account for you, so that you can use our product and look through the online bookstore as soon as possible.

Positional information is used to increase the social pleasure of product, you can find like-minded readers in People Nearby. Your account information will be stored on our cloud, so you can sign in and sync your reading record with one account at any time.

Information You Share

We provide some interesting social sharing services, such as book sharing and reading list sharing. We will not record these sharing information, you need to care about your information security when you use these services.

View and Update Your Personal Information

Whenever you use our services, we will strive to ensure you full access to your personal information. If these information are incorrect, we will spare no effort to provide various ways to allow you to quickly update or delete information (unless must retain these information for legitimate business need or lawful purposes). When you update your personal information, we may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request.

As for those requests of endless repetition, requiring too much technical means, risking others' privacy or very impractical (such as information stored on backup tapes) , we may reject.

As long as we allow you to access and modify the information, and it does not require too much input, we will provide it for free. We will strive to improve maintenance of the services, to protect your information from accidental or malicious damage. Therefore, when you delete information from our services, we might not delete the residual copy of these information from the server in use, and also may not delete the corresponding information from the backup system.

Product Authorization

n order to offer some pretty cool features, we require you to authorize us to use your system resources when installing iReader, these authorizations and applications are as follows:

  • Media and Files. iReader needs to occupy part of your mobile storage to save the downloaded books.
  • Camera. iReader provides the "scan" function which can quickly find out whether the books you like have electronic versions in iReader store.
  • WLAN Connection Information. When you use the WLAN, we will recommend you to download some plug-ins of relatively large sizes.
  • Device ID. Device ID is an important parameter depending on which we can initialize the iReader Guest account for your.

Application of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to IReader Technology Co., Ltd.. As for other companies and organizations which advertise our services and may use Cookie, pixel tags and other technologies to run and serve relevant advertisements, our Privacy Policy does not cover their practices of information processing.